Tiny House with Incredible Interior Design Built in 40 Days!

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Tiny House with Incredible Interior Design Built in 40 Days!

Taking your home with you wherever you would like to go may sound like a dream come true. The idea of a nomadic lifestyle where you’re able to experience different places and communities is wildly appealing to many people these days, which is why we are seeing such momentum with the tiny house movement. A tiny house on wheels is the perfect home for anyone with a wanderlust approach to life, those who don’t want to be too tied down but want a place to call home. Living on the road in tiny quarters isn’t anything new really, people have been embracing the nomadic lifestyle for centuries. Since the beginning of humans on Earth, people have had to move from one place to the next to hunt and harvest food, and sometimes to seek shelter from the weather or predators threatening their lives. Some people have continued with this style of living, finding comfort being on the road, always excited to explore a new place or see an old place with new eyes. Living in a tiny house on wheels brings a sense of a home base to people who move around for work a lot too. This means not having to sell a house or give up a rental just to have to find another one in a new place and being able to bring your home with you. It gives a sense of familiarity and comfort too, like home is always with you wherever you go.

Building a tiny house is an extensive process to undertake, and is not for the faint of heart, but it is becoming more and more approachable as the movement gains headway and more people undergo the process. There is still a lot of a gray area when it comes to building a tiny house, and depending on what community or city you live in, their may not even be laws for tiny houses in place yet. Many tiny house owners choose to fly under the radar in areas that have stricter laws and codes and are at the mercy of their neighbors. If a tiny house gets too many complaints in an area where they don’t allow accessory dwelling units, the house could be deemed unlivable. That being said, the laws are changing quickly to accommodate the growing number of people who are building their own tiny house to live in permanently. People building a tiny house on wheels can check with their local city or town hall and see what the bylaws are regarding tiny houses or accessory dwelling units, and possibly work with the members in charge to implement some new standards and rules.

Tiny home designs are available online too, and there are many tiny home building companies who will build your tiny home for you taking the stress out of having to build it yourself. There are also prefab tiny home building kits which include the materials needed to build a specific tiny home model. For all the hands-on do it yourself-ers out there, building a tiny house with your own two hands will be a great chance to learn some new skills and be proud of the structure you built and live in. Many people are coming up with their own tiny home designs and learning all they need to learn through the internet. Since the tiny house movement has been around for several years already, there is a nice collection of information growing online with forums, groups and alliances all geared toward tiny home living and tiny home building information.

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