This Viral Photo of Butterflies Sipping On the Tears of Turtles is Breathtaking

This Viral Photo of Butterflies Sipping On the Tears of Turtles is Breathtaking

This Viral Photo of Butterflies Sipping On the Tears of Turtles is Breathtaking. You may need a double take when it comes to realizing what this photo is. It's really like nothing you've seen before. With a beautiful orange butterfly whose wings are outlined in jet black that is resting gently on the head of a turtle, while slowly sipping its tears. The turtle stretches its neck forward, almost as if its participating. This lovely photo is a good inspiration when thinking about how to save our earth, how can we save the environment and why we need to conserve the enviornment. This amazing photo is in fact a scientific term that is called lachryphagy was otherwise known as tear drinking. It is a method in which butterflies receive essential moisture and nutrients. This photograph features the Julia Butterflies drinking the tears of turtles. They also drink the tears of alligators. This incredible technique is so ordinary in nature but something that is quite remarkable actually to see. This stunning photograph was captured in Ecuador by Ama la Vida TV, and the photo won the Wikimedia Picture of the Year Award in 2014. The photo has gained popularity on the internet and is a good example of the delicate balance and beauty of nature. The photographer did an excellent job at capturing this amazing moment. To photograph this butterfly and turtle interaction would have taken a lot of patience and a good eye. As reported by National Geographic, butterflies sip on the tears of turtles and alligators to get sodium and other essential minerals which they nee for egg production and metabolism. This is just one of the amazing photos you can find on this incredible butterfly and turtle interaction.

It goes to show how a picture is worth a thousand words and how a photo like this can teach both children and adults alike the beauty of nature and things we should do to save our earth. This photo is magical and the type of thing that children's stories are made. This photo could be the inspiration on how can we save the environment and act as an example of just how precious nature is. When it comes to the environment and how to save our earth there are plenty of things we can do from recycling, using nontoxic cleaners and buying organic whenever we can. It's all the little things that count when it comes to save our earth and how can we save the environment. Every day we have the chance to help to save our earth and do what we can to help conserve the enviornment. With global warming and climate at the forefront of everyone's minds this photo is a gentle reminder of what is important and the delicate beauty that is all around us.

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