An Amazing Tiny House Was Built Into a Medieval Wall, Stunning!

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An Amazing Tiny House Was Built Into a Medieval Wall, Stunning!

When planning your tiny home, you’ll want to give extra time and care to the kitchen. Why? Because the kitchen is the heart of any home, and with a tiny home, it’s even more important. One could even say – it IS the home. Aside from your bedroom area, it’s the place where you’ll spend most of your time, energy, and creativity as you cook meals for yourself and your family. Designing the best tiny house kitchen can be a tricky task, but it can also be a very rewarding one. This is one area you will not want to speed through when building the tiny home of your dreams. Before you begin, there are some specific questions you’ll need to ask yourself.

First of all, how many people will be living in your tiny home? You’ll need to consider the amount of food you’ll need to store at a given time. Is there a store nearby and how often will you need to go shopping? When answering these questions, cleaning out your current fridge, freezer, and cupboards could be helpful. Get rid of all the food items that you never use and take stock of what’s left. Measure it with a tape measure to see how much space it takes up. This is approximately how much space you’ll need in your tiny house kitchen. As far as grocery store trips are concerned, keep track of how often you go there now – once a week, twice a week? More? Less? If you go more often, you’ll probably need less storage space, but if you go less frequently, then you’ll need extra space to store your provisions. Next, you’ll need to take an inventory of all your current cooking items – pots, pans, casserole dishes, utensils, cutlery, plates, and the like. How much will you need for your tiny kitchen? What do you always use? What do you never use? Start scaling back now and keep a record of your habits – this will help you plan your new kitchen space.

You’ll need to consider your primary power source for cooking in your tiny house kitchen. Will it be propane, electric, solar, natural gas, or will you use a generator? You need a great deal of power when cooking with electricity; therefore, this isn’t always a practical option if you want to live off the grid. You’ll need to conduct the necessary research to discover what kind of energy is most appropriate and cost-effective for you. Do you love to cook or prefer to let others cook for you? If you enjoy cooking, then you’ll undoubtedly need your kitchen space to be as ideal as possible in your new tiny home. Maybe you’ll be able to downscale other areas of the house, but you don’t want to feel cramped when you are whipping up those favourite dishes. Make sure there’s enough surface area for preparing meals as well as extra storage and refrigeration space to preserve those leftovers. If you’re the greatest fan of cooking, then you can cut a few corners and go a bit more minimalist with the kitchen. There’s nothing wrong with bringing home prepared or semi-prepared meals or even letting others do the cooking for you. The important thing is just to be honest with yourself and know your needs.

Building your own tiny home can be a great deal of fun if you ask all of the right questions before you begin the process, and do as much research as possible. Don’t be shy - be sure to ask experts, friends, and relatives who’ve built their own tiny homes to see what’s worked best for them. And, when it comes to the kitchen, you’ll want to devote the most amount of time to its design because, big or small, it’s the most essential room in the house.

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