A Very Charming Park Model with a Great Floor Plan

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A Very Charming Park Model with a Great Floor Plan

An awesome park model cabin could be just the thing you are looking for to create a vacation oasis for you and your family members. Prefabricated construction has come a long way over the years and is now done using some of the finest, state of the art materials. The finished result is the culmination of hours of time and energy put forth by the manufacturers of these prefab units. Park models not only offer a very affordable place to call home seasonally, but they also offer you the opportunity to create your very own custom styled home away from home. Prefab park models are a lot like modular homes in many ways, but they differ in that they are considered to be more like a recreational vehicle than a house. Modular houses can also be built larger, and there are double and triple wide options whereas park models are generally kept under 400 square feet in the United States or 540 square feet in Canada.

The first step in the building of a prefab park model starts with with design of the unit. Designers for the company will create a plan that includes all of the pieces that go into making the park model to scale. This phase of the process could involve the customer and any modifications they would like to make to the layout. Loft spaces may be added; an Arizona room may also be added, which is essentially a closed in porch area that can act as an extension to the home without increasing the square footage. A deck can also be designed through certain companies and added onto the final design. You probably wont find two park models that are exactly alike which is wonderful for people who want to add their personal style into their home. The interior is custom designed as well, with different options for carpet and linoleum as well as custom cabinetry and islands.

The assembly of the park model homes is done in the factory of the company where the builders each focus on their specific area of expertise. The walls are put up just like in normal construction; insulation is applied and then sheathed, and windows and doors are installed. The interior is finished the way the customer wants it done, cabinets and fixtures are installed and appliances added in. Most companies will also make all of the fabrics and even some of the furniture. The next part of the process is to finish the exterior shell of the home which involves adding the exterior insulation, wrap and vinyl siding. The roof also includes layers of insulation and protection from leaks and water damage, so your park model will stay dry in even the rainiest weather. All companies must reach high building standards and quality assurance regulations which will allow you feel safe in your home.

Purchasing one of these park models costs as much as a new car, so it won't break the bank. These structures also have the capability to last years if they are well maintained and looked after. Just like any home, to preserve it, you must invest time and effort into it over the years. Park model homes are also fairly easy to sell if you don't want to own it anymore. There are always going to be people looking to invest in a vacation home, especially in highly touristy areas like Florida or Arizona. Park models are quite popular in these areas where people living in the north will come to vacation during the colder winter months. With so many reasons to love park models, it's no wonder they are so popular.